NFL players and those at the college level are prone to suffer from shoulder injuries that can lead to shortening of their American Football careers. The shoulder was found to be the second most common site of injury at the NFL Combine [1].
NFL Shoulder Injuries

Studies have shown that 10%-14% of players suffer from shoulder instability [2,3] and many of them suffer from a recurring condition after the first time they pick up the injury.

Thus surgeons and other professionals have advocated surgical stabilisation of the shoulder joint to prevent a recurring injury and studies have concluded that they do reduce recurrence [4,5]. However, other studies have also shown that surgical stabilisation can reduce the career length of the athletes by 25%. Linemen and linebackers are at greater risk and their careers have shown to be shortened by 30% [6]. This calls for a novel physical-therapist led intervention that reduces the impact on these athletes’ careers and we believe that the FDA approved MUJO system is the way forward.

Ali James, the Head of Physiotherapy at Aviva Premiership rugby union team Wasps, states:

The recent use of the MUJO system as part of the post-operative rehabilitation of one of our first team players at Wasps has been of great value. The system functioned effectively as a rehabilitation tool to accurately optimise proprioception and muscle capacity in functional positions as well as being able to map the progress of the rehabilitation… we are looking forward to progressing our new collaboration with MUJO and Coventry University to develop pre-season screening programs and Return-To-Play protocols.

The MUJO devices are a great tool for rehabilitating shoulder instability and to individualise the treatment protocols for each player. Exercises 4, 5 and 6 of our rotator cuff exercises for pain relief work incredibly well on our shoulder instability patients when individualised and the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital is using MUJO to treat their shoulder instability patients with great success. MUJO is determined to help establish the best protocols for return to play and for screening athletes in the NFL.


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