Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about the MUJO devices?
The MUJO System is the world’s first range of rehabilitation and training equipment based on multi-axial cam technology that allows performance of controlled and effective multi-axial exercises through all ranges of motion.
What inspired the creation of MUJO?
In 2006, MUJO inventor Douglas Higgins decided that there must be a better way to exercise muscles and joints over their full range of motion. Despite being told that this was impossible, he went to invent and perfect the unique multi-axial cam used in all MUJO devices.
How are MUJO devices more effective than other equipment?
Unlike conventional free-weight or selectorised equipment, which are restricted by uni-directional loading or cams which are fixed to a permanent axis of rotation, MUJO devices replicate the human body’s full range of motion, allowing muscles and joints to be trained over full or predefined ranges of motion on a single machine.
how can I just use one MUJO device to perform several exercises?
The patent-pending system of moving axis cams that underpins all MUJO devices makes it possible to perform multiple exercises with minimal adjustment and professional supervision. Precise adjustments to start and end range stops can be used to limit the range of motion to suit different clinical or sporting needs. This assists controlled and effective exercise, reduce joint stress and aiding staged recovery.

As a result, users no longer need to move from machine to machine to exercise effectively, and rehabilitation and training programmes can be uniquely tuned to individual clients’ clinical and performance needs

What are the applications of the MUJO devices?
MUJO devices are recommended for a wide range of applications, including medical and rehab, elite sports performance, and fitness and wellbeing.
How can I try the MUJO device?

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