Why us?

Patented Devices Designed Specifically for The Shoulder Joint

We have studied and researched the shoulder joint extensively and incorporated this into the biomechanical and technological design of our devices. For example, the shoulder joint is not a simple ball and socket type of joint. It is made up of multiple complex structures that include four joints in total.

MUJO have two shoulder devices. The Internal device is primarily used to warm up and actively stretch the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint and the soft-tissues within the joint safely. The External device is then used to exercise your shoulder. Both of our devices allow PNF and neuromuscular control exercises that can be repeated with great accuracy due to the visual feedback in our app and mechanical constraints that can be applied on our devices.

Designed to be Better and Quicker than Conventional Physiotherapy

Data Driven and Self-Managed Therapy

MUJO devices are SMART. They can track your progress, provide you with visual feedback and hard data to show your exact progress. This allows your treatment to be tailored to you as an individual. You as a patient will have full access to your progress via an online login. We at MUJO believe, that being able to see data on your progress and taking control of your treatment plan will keep you motivated throughout your therapy. You will be able to set yourself targets to reach your end goal of restoration of your shoulder health.

Conventional physiotherapy exercises do not necessarily limit your motions and you can accidently move too far and cause further damage and or pain. Our devices can be locked mechanically so you never need to worry about going to far accidently and suffer pain.

Our treatment plan is non-invasive so you are never in danger of complications that are associated with surgeries.

Royal National Orthopaedics Hospital have found our devices to safe in a clinical setting.


It is safe

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