Shoulder instability treatment


Exercises that actually work

The various uses of our technology revealed to us that unrestricted exercises and those that isolate single muscles are not as effective as perceived to be. This means that simply training the rotator cuff muscles may not have the expected benefit. Our treatment plan encourages synergistic activation of the rotator cuff with the larger muscles. This induces motor learning to increase functional stability of the joint.

Best treatment method

The MUJO treatment method is personalised to each individual and type of instability. It is designed to be the best and most efficient treatment method currently accessible.

Avoid recurring instability

Once a person suffers from a dislocation, they may experience recurring subluxation that continually damages the glenohumeral joint. This continuous damage could lead to more detrimental shoulder conditions and pain. The MUJO shoulder instability treatment program helps increase stability and reduce if not eliminate recurring subluxations.

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Full treatment plan and details

Who is this treatment for?

If any of the following apply to you, then this treatment plan is for you.

Signs and symptoms

There are a multitude of signs and symptoms but the following are the most common:

  • Your shoulder pops and clicks in certain positions.
  • It pops in and out every so often. In some instances, this could be everyday.
  • You feel scared and apprehensive in reaching out or moving your shoulder fully.
  • Pain.

You tried conventional physiotherapy but are unhappy with the results

We have noticed that many people who suffer from shoulder instability are given exercises to isolate and target their rotator cuff. Although there are benefits in strengthening the rotator cuff, this may not be the most effective course of treatment for someone who suffers from atraumatic instability, or a lax joint. This is because the underlying cause is not necessarily due to a weakened rotator cuff alone. Similarly regaining rotator cuff strength alone is likely not going to be sufficient in restoring stable function. Motor learning is an integral part to our treatment method. Our exercise programs ensure that your rotator cuff is targeted whilst your larger muscles are activated. This forces your shoulder to be stable during the strengthening exercises and encourage better functional stability.

You want to get better, get better quickly and solve the problem once and for all.

You would not be here if you didn’t want this.

Who is this treatment not suitable for?

You have been advised not to exercise or undergo physiotherapy

If your Doctor or clinician has told you that you must not undergo physiotherapy then we will not allow you to undergo this treatment.

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