External Shoulder Device

The MUJO External Shoulder Device loads the shoulder joint independently in abduction and external rotation to provide targeted training of rotator cuff muscles over a full range of motion.

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Muscles trained by the MUJO External Shoulder Device

  • Infraspinatus and teres minor
  • Supraspinatus
  • Deltoid

Exercising on the MUJO External Shoulder Machine

During early stages of rehab, or for specific targeting of muscles over limited parts of the range, the MuJo™ External Shoulder Machine also quickly and easily converts to each of these traditional exercises: 

  • External rotation, arm adducted
  • External rotation, arm abducted
  • External rotation, arm at 45°
  • Lateral deltoid raise

Dimensions of the MUJO External Shoulder Machine

  • Length 193cm
  • Width 105cm
  • Height 147cm
  • Weight 310kg
  • Weight stack size 80kg
Muscles trained

Benefits of the MUJO External Shoulder Device

  • Replicate natural movements with a unique multi-axial cam based training system
  • Exercise multi-axial shoulder joint external rotator cuff muscles over the full range of motion
  • Perform external rotation with arm in abducted or adducted positions to target the infraspinatus and teres minor
  • Target supraspinatus and deltoids during shoulder abduction movement
  • Use elbow joint locking mechanism to change elbow angle during exercise, or ease access to machine

Features of the MUJO External Shoulder Device

  • Patented moving axis cam technology
  • Range of motion limiters to convert machine for traditional exercise use
  • Clear, easy to read user instructions on the machine
  • Three-point adjustment system to accommodate users from 1.52m through 1.88m in height
  • Removable covers for easy access to cables, pulleys and rods