MUJO in use today

The MUJO 'Intelligent MSK' system is currently being used by leading healthcare providers to improve the delivery of MSK care, by health and wellness managers for employee wellbeing initiatives and a wide range of private, self-pay individuals at MUJO's flagship private clinic.

Healthcare Providers

The MUJO system is used by leading healthcare providers to deliver enhanced treatment for a range of MSK related issues.

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We work with integrated MSK pathway managers including 'Prime Vendors', community CATS and chronic pain management services both privately and in the NHS.

The MUJO technology-based service can be deployed via either fixed (hospital or clinic) or community (mobile) locations and integrated with a provider's own clinical staff who can be trained in its operation and use.

The MUJO analytical software and predictive model assists with the accurate triage of patients 'right patient first time' and prescription of optimal, personalised exercise protocols, while smart exercise devices provide objective data for the patient record and support patients to self-manage during prescribed treatment plans.

Medical physio


MUJO is used in the workplace for the early identification of WRMSDs to improve wellbeing, reduce absences and increase productivity. Read more

Whether you employ professional athletes, 'industrial athletes' performing manual tasks or office workers operating in service industries, MUJO provides on-site screening and preventative treatment plans for your workforce.

We can work directly with HR, health and wellbeing managers or existing occupational health and EAP partners to early identify and address the musculoskeletal health of your organisation and target the 31 million missed days off work and lost productivity due to MSK issues.

After an initial screening and benchmarking process we report high level summary data back to management including an identification of at risk groups and recommendations for addressing identified issues. Ongoing compliance figures for any implemented exercise programs and change in overall MSK health of the workforce are then reported to provide an objective record of each initiative.

Sport athlete


MUJO private clinics offer patients a non-invasive, drug-free treatment option to target chronic pain and optimise function.

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We provide self-paying individuals with the latest non-invasive assistive rehabilitation technology and training protocols developed and clinically validated with The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust and our other leading partners.

Via our flagship private clinic we offer treatments for a variety of conditions, either before or after surgery or as a non-invasive drug-free conservative treatment option, as well as a range of wellness or performance-related programs.

When you book in with us you will have an initial trainer-led or physiotherapist-led session where a full assessment on the MUJO devices and data-driven report will be completed and discussed with you. Depending on the goals you agree with your trainer or physiotherapist you will then be given a personalised exercise plan and further face-to-face support before progressing onto direct access to the 'smart' devices and self-management.

With professional oversight you will be in charge of your rehabilitation, completing exercises in a 'safe zone' with real-time digital guidance on movement quality and progress against plan displayed via iPads integrated into the devices. Throughout your program you can also assess your performance at each session and track overall progress anytime via your own online MUJO account.