Precision Medical & Rehabilitation

Delivering superior musculoskeletal care after surgery or injury

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Optimum Sports Performance

A game changing training solution for the needs of today’s sports elite

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Focused Occupational Health

Employee screening and preventative exercise programs

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The MuJo™ Multiple Joint Fitness System

The MuJo™ Multiple Joint Fitness System is the world’s first range of fitness machines that uses unique moving axis cam technology to deliver multi-axial exercises through all ranges of motion.

Medical & Rehabilitation

MuJo machines replicate and control the body’s natural range of motion, aiding all stages of rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

Elite Sports Performance

MuJo equipment can improve performance with highly-relevant and motion-specific training techniques across a range of elite sports.

Occupational Health

MuJo offers tailored solutions to corporate and industrial customers to reduce workplace absence and improve productivity